Brands GP Race Report

For a few different reasons (mainly cash based) I have not managed to race this year until now. Everyone knows that racing is not cheap, but maybe they don’t realise how much time it can take up? To go racing…. to do all the preparations and to spent the wedge takes a huge amount of […]

Final Track Preparations….

So the ‘VW Heritage Track Attack’ was on Wednesday afternoon and the car had no front cage or interior (Dash!) on Monday. The car was in a hundred pieces. See below: My brother helped me with the wiring and we fitted a new fuse box and relays. Alot of wiring was removed and a fair […]

VW Heritage Track Attack!

Right, I couldn’t do Oulton Park this weekend. Money/date clashes/ and the car is not ready! Gutted to miss the best circuit on the calender. But I will be out on Wednesday at this: Nice for the car to feature on some of the posters. Hundred of cars are going, and i have some track […]

Door bar design – 4 Weeks until race day

I don’t really have long until the car needs to be ready now! I better get cracking. This morning I mocked-up a design for my door bars. I want something a bit safer than before, as I don’t like the idea of getting T-boned – I have seen a few banana shaped race cars before. […]

Spring Update

An update has been a long time coming! My excuse is that my plans have been thwarted a bit – I have been struggling to find the $$$$ to enter the first two races of the season at Donnington and Silverstone in 3/5 weeks time. I have invested quite alot (everything) in my own business […]

New Mark Fish Motorsport Website!

Mark Fish Motorsport finally has a website. We have plans for a bigger version with more content and hours of unseen footage, but this will do for now. Have a browse through some of the content….

Winter update

I managed to find a couple of hours to work on the car this weekend, in preparation for the 2012 season. I am a bit worried I may have gone too far, and converted a race ready (almost) car back into a project….. We’ll see. The priority is sorting the wiring out, so the dashboard […]

2012 Paint Job

For 2012 I want to get creative with my paint job. I am self employed, usually assisting/refinishing/making for artists and want to carry this over to my race car… anything is possible… Here are some of my favourite race car paint jobs I can take inspiration from….