For the last race I had the previously warped discs machined flat again. They stayed flat for qualifying but warped again slightly during the race. The warping was much less than before which could be because the discs had been through a heat cycle and where then machined, or the brake cooling ducts I made…. or both!
Below is a couple of pictures of the brake ducts. The idea is that they catch the air underneath and throw it towards the disc/calliper. They are mounted on the wishbone. The smaller end needs to be ‘capped’ which I have temporarily done with duck tape until I can TIG a bit of aluminium on there. I cut a small hole in the front splitter to increase the amount of air that heads in that direction.
…Well that’s the idea anyway.
I should use some of that temperature sensitive paint to see how hot they are actually getting.
The other option now is to change brake pad material. Maybe the Ferodo DS3000’s are the problem?

Before the next race at Snetterton (15th/16th October) I am testing the Friday before, but also hope to do a trackday in between which would be useful to test brake pads. That sounds like I have a lot of spare money; HA……….. The next 5-6 weeks will be constant work with no days off. It is worth it though.

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